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Cassandra & Marino Law

Italian lawyers in Liverpool - Manchester (Uk) and Salerno (Italy)
Avvocati italiani a Liverpool - Manchester (GB) e a Salerno (Italia)

Cassandra & Marino Law

Gianluigi Cassandra is a dual-qualified lawyer: Italian avvocato cassazionista, registered with the Council of the lawyers of Salerno and Solicitor of the Senior Courts, duly registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales and member of the Law Society in Manchester.  He has been running his own law firm in Italy since 1999 and on February 2016 he started to work in the UK. Gianluigi  can provide a comprehensive range of legal services to Italian businesses and entrepreneurs located in the North West, as well as helping Italian private clients who are looking to invest in British property.

Specialisms include corporate structures, civil law, commercial law, administrative law and international business.

Therefore, Avv. Cassandra has a considerable experience assisting both English and Italian clients, both in Italy and the UK.

Angela Marino is an ‘Avvocato Cassazionista (Barrister of the Italian Supreme Court), with a broad experience in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, employment law and bankruptcy proceedings. She is a ‘bankruptcy trustee’ and ‘legal guardian’ at the Court of Salerno. Avv. Marino is also an expert in EU law.

The Italian law firm***, based in Salerno, has been created with the specific goal of building a professional structure able to give assistance and representation to clients in the fields of civil and commercial law. From the beginning on the necessity of a high degree of professional skill has been marked. The clients of the law firm are private citizens and companies of many different economical and business sectors.

The law firm supplies its clients with both skilful extrajudicial legal advice and representation before state and arbitral Courts.

Here is a list of the professional fields that the law firms and/or the lawyers of the firms deal with:

– Contracts – Company law – Corporate – International business – Private international law – Employment law – Real property law – Condominium ownership – Lease of land contracts and problems; – Insolvency – Bankruptcy law – Insurance law – Torts – Family law – Probate – Wills – Judicial defense.
Avv. Angela Marino Avv. Gianluigi Cassandra
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*** is the website and blog of Avv. Gianluigi Cassandra (Italian vat n. 03660060652) and Avv. Angela Marino (Italian vat n. 03873500650).