Conference: Opportunities for Italian Companies in UK after Brexit referendum

Gianluigi Cassandra* attended, as a speaker, at the conference organised by association Area Popolare on theme: “The opportunities for Italian companies in Great Britain after Brexit”, held on November 24th at the prestigious headquarters of the consortium Zai / Quadrante Europa in Verona.
Conference was opened by the Chairman of Area Popolare, former Mayor of Valpolicella, dr. Pier Luigi Toffalori. Other speakers at the conference were the Mayor of Verona Flavio Tosi, dr. Elio Nicito of Zai, Andrea Bissoli, representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, Andrea Glieca, expert in British culture and the journalist of the Arena Francesca Lorandi.
In his speech Cassandra explained the genesis of Brexit referendum and the political and economic consequences after the vote. He highlighted areas that may be of interest, in the UK and particularly in the northwest, for Italian entrepreneurs: biotechnology, software, electronics, logistics, food, fashion and real estate. At the end he explained the best structures for carrying on business in the UK, focusing in particular on limited companies.

* Gianluigi Cassandra, lawyer in Salerno – Italian registered lawyer in Manchester, partner at Athena Law Solicitors LLP.


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