Liverpool International Business Festival

Gianluigi Cassandra, is attending the International Business Festival, that started in Liverpool on 12th June and will run till 28th June.

In the first week Gianluigi listened to the wise speech about Brexit of the Major of London Sadiq Khan, met the Chairman of the Festival Max Steinberg – CBE and many entrepreneurs. The Festival looked at life and work in cities and the direction the urban areas are taking as culture, devolution, leadership and innovation. The overarching message was about enthusiasm, because businesses are re-shaping our cities to make life better. Gianluigi is reaching the city of the Beatles also for the week 2, that will have the following topics:FUTURE TRANSPORT DAY, 19th June. Grow your business. Discover the very latest developments and business opportunities presented by advanced transport systems including hyperloop, driverless & autonomous vehicles and 21st-century space travel. MANUFACTURING DAY, 20th June. Grow your business by exploring the latest developments in the world of manufacturing. Take advantage of the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0, advanced robotics, automation and evolving global manufacturing policy. GLOBAL LOGISTICS AND SHIPPING DAY, 21st June. Learn about the latest developments in the world of logistics and shipping. Examine China’s new Silk Road vision, the emergence of AI and autonomy and investigating what Brexit really means for British and International business.


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