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Cassandra Marino Contract Law will write an effective contract to ensure your company can conduct business with confidence and the necessary legal protection in both the UK and Italy.

We can prepare contracts that include:

– employment contracts

– agent agreements

– re-seller agreements

– distribution agreements

– any commercial agreement

– Terms and conditions of business

– Licensing agreements

– Outsourcing

– Website terms of use

Are you looking for a contract lawyer in Manchester?

Our specialist services are suitable for UK corporations as well as start-up businesses.

We can help with international contracts particularly for UK companies that want to expand to Italy and vice-versa.

We can work with you based on your specific requirements and budgets and provide a highly professional service with our client interests in mind.

What are the benefits of choosing Cassandra Contract Lawyers?

We are based in Manchester and we have more than 20 years of experience in business law and business contracts, liaising with different law firms in the UK and Italy.

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Avv. Gianluigi Cassandra

Gianluigi Cassandra speaks both English and Italian fluently and will help you understand the Italian/British legal system and business culture.

Let Cassandra draft the commercial contracts and agreements that will help your businesses succeed

Gianluigi Cassandra lives in Manchester and is consultant at IMD Solicitors.


Avvocato Gianluigi Cassandra – Italian lawyer


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Avvocato Angela Marino
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